My review of Brookside Dark Chocolate Fruit & Nut Bars

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Recently I was selected by ChickAdvisor to review the latest product from Brookside, their Dark Chocolate Fruit & Nut Bars. I received 3 different flavors:
1. Cranberry with Blackberry
2. Blueberry with Acai
3. Cherry with Pomegranate

I decided to recruit my son into reviewing these products as he is a fan of granola type bars and chocolate. 🙂

When I first showed him these bars, he was a bit disappointed to see they weren’t “chocolate bars”. I think he heard the word chocolate and instantly thought it was going to be a candy type bar.  After further inspection, he was happy to be my assistant in tasting this product.

As a Mom, it was nice to see that the product was made with real fruit, a source of fibre, non-GMO and gluten free. At 180 calories each, not bad on the waistline either.


We tried each and I was pleased at the amount of flavour in each bar.  Each one had its own distinct flavour, too. The amount of chocolate wasn’t too overpowering and the fruit flavour was more prominent.   They were chewier than I had anticipated.  Containing nuts, I would have thought they would have been a bit crunchier.

Out of the 3 flavors, the Cherry and Pomegranate was my favorite. To me it had the fullest flavour. My son preferred the Cranberry and Blackberry flavor.


My son’s reactions was ” Mom, you have to buy these!!”  He tends to be a picky eater so this was a great review.

The retails price on these bars is $1.99, which is a bit steep but when they are a good quality bar, I will be looking for them in stores the next time I am out shopping.


**** Please note that although this product was provided to me, all comments and pictures are mine.


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